He says he’s the opposite of gay, whatever that means. If seeing the imprint of a woman’s vajj through some tight ass short shorts, or a tight booty under a mini skirt is a turn off for you bro… SHAME… You’re a disappointment to all mankind. May all chauvinistic pigs like myself enjoy the below.



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Disclaimer 2: Sharing opinions of your own that are different to the mass majority can be dangerous. Do not attempt to duplicate a post like this if you’re in school, or are reliant on your job as a main source of income.


My opinion hurt a lot of feelings, and bruised some fragile egos. Half fags, and self conscious women lashed out at me.

My incapability of not stating facts or opinions that go against the grain of the ridiculously open minded western dystopia a lot of us live in, has historically gotten me into a lot of trouble. I’ve spent years of my life that i’ll never get back, silent…

In fear that I’d be kicked off of college campus. In fear that I’d be wrongfully fired from my job, and lose my main source of income for exercising my right to free speech. In fear of people lying about me, and making false accusations.

Today is a special day at smokencanvas, we’re turning over a new leaf. With minimal sources of income being controlled by others, it’s impossible for our major sources of income to be taken away, and we want to thank those of you who’ve donated to us.


It’s true.

Graffitied and obstinate:



You should thank me for whiting out these faces.

White Knight:

The identity of this individual has been fully protected, as there was no serious damage done. We’ll let his crime of shamelessly jumping to the aid of women who’re  rightfully being bashed, pass this time.


Demanding the stats:






We provided the facts, and because we stand by high quality we went a step further; we provided peer-reviewed studies that are published in scientific journals.

The links are listed below:

When faced with only a few of these facts they make faces, and silently retreat back to their “safe space.”

When all else fails:

Untitled10Haha yup, they resort to this. Words are just words; they have the right to say anything they want about me, as  I have the right to share ideas or opinions that you may deem to be wrong or bogus.


Cold-blooded scientists confirm our ideas to be valid. As an added bonus, here’s a study that confirms tattooed women to be slutty, heavy drinkers, and unattractive in comparison to their counterparts.