10 Corner stones of life


#1: Comfort is detrimental to growth and self-improvement.

Do you qualify for retirement? Are you a worldly academic? If not, then your priorities should be focused on self-improvement and personal growth. If you’re comfortable doing the same mundane shit on a day to day basis, there’s a high likelihood that you’re not pressing towards your maximum capabilities.

Favorite quote of all time: “There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.” – Unknown

Peace of mind, and stability are the only reasons you are sold on a world of comfort. Comfort destroys your motivation to take risks, and encourages you to walk down a sad road towards stagnation. If you’re not ready to die, don’t be a pussy: choose growth!

#2: Embrace the shit that goes wrong, it will serve as a future aid.

What stirs up reflection and examination of self? When everything in life goes right certainly isn’t the answer. You have no idea what you are capable of until you voluntarily put yourself in danger, or in a sink or swim situation.

Under these circumstances you will find solutions; you will do things you’ve never done before. It’s a great feeling, and most importantly the only time you will grow.

#3: Take a stand for yourself!

The attitude you should develop: Anyone who thinks they can push me around can watch my long dong swing between my legs as my hairy ass exits the building. 😉

Remember: No one in this world is as important as you are.

Be aggressive, and relentlessly end ties with people who put you down and make you feel like garbage.

#4: Move on.

You’ve waited too long if your friendships, job, and hobbies have started to become stale.

You can identify staleness if the energy you exert is less than what is gained in return

#5: Respect your health.

Health is the foundation of my fulfillment pyramid; EAT, AND EXERCISE ON A REGULAR BASIS! It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Do not treat your body like a science experiment. Nobody, including yourself have a desire to see what will happen to your body after a decade of neglect and abuse.

#6: You should always have a project.

It`s admirable to have a purpose in life, but I know that it`s more important to consistently accomplish a series of small endeavors year by year. It doesn’t matter if it`s learning a second language, eliminating credit card debt, or traveling the world; at least you aren’t aimlessly floating through life.

Never wait for shit to happen to you; take control of your life, choose something you enjoy and drive forcefully towards it. It doesn’t fucking matter if the journey doesn’t lead you anywhere special.

#7: Money serves as nothing but a tool to assist in achieving more.

Only women associate mass amounts of money with life goals; that`s why you fuckers (dumb men) chase after money without any self-respect for yourself.

As men we all eventually identify with the fact that there may be some comfort associated with a bed made of money, but that won`t lead to ultimate happiness.

Use your money as tool to provide you with lifelong experiences that incorporate significance and pleasure. Money is better spent on things that give fulfillment as opposed to material possessions.

#8: Read.

Always keep a NON-FICTION book in your backpack. When you`re on the bus or train or have free time, crack it open and absorb new ideas, knowledge, and information.

I view bookstores and libraries as a collection of brains from all the dons and kingpins of human existence, who’ve taken precious time to share their knowledge. I promise you that gauging the same views will enhance your life.

#9: Expect the unknown.

Don`t be a loser who limits his behavior and thinking habits by entering situations with expectations. Man has no idealized outcome; Man is always open to the unknown and new experiences.

Do not voluntarily enslave yourself by blinding yourself to different outcomes.

#10: Being picky when it comes to your friend circle is a virtue.

Family is given to you; on the flip side, friends are chosen. Friendship is supposed to provide happiness in our lives, so choose them carefully.

Friendship is a vital part of the foundation of life, and should serve as a means to assist in getting you through your day to day.