Operation DIPSET: pt.9

The night before leaving: No one knew what was to come. After my last class I had an hour left on the clock. It was only me and Foreign Teacher A at the school, so I invited him out for a smoke.

Foreign Teacher A: “Where you goin?”

Me: “Supermarket. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I grabbed a couple beers; It was just one of those times to say the least.

Foreign Teacher A: “What’d you get?”

Me: “Hoegaarden.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Let’s go up to Tony’s office.”

Me: “Ok,ok.”

Tony’s office was our chill spot, that is when he wasn’t at the school; which was most of the time. Tony was a hustler. His main gig was being a loan shark, the school was just an investment experiment for him. It didn’t take a genius to see that, however the majority of the staff at this school were in too deep, and way too invested. My common sense input would have just stirred the pot, and I’m only committed to my own cause.

Anyways, his office was the only place in the school where we could smoke. We made use of it for some brews and bogeys that night. I didn’t have much to say. I just wanted to drink, however Foreign Teacher A filled the silence with some entertaining stories about the engaged India woman he was banging.

I didn’t tune into much of what he was saying, I was lost in my own thoughts. However, I’d provide the odd chuckle to keep him talking. I was hyper focused on something completely irrelevant, but his rambling provided the background noise I needed to mentally organize all of my thoughts and plans.

Long story short: I threw Foreign Teacher A under the bus for my own purposes (Sorry, but not really); He’s travelling South East Asia and appears to be soul searching or something like that at the moment. Tony supposedly lost so much money on me and prior foreign teachers, that he had no choice but to shut his school down (Haha!). Ugly Cunt is currently pregnant, sour, her marriage is in shambles, and she’s unemployed (I have some salt for your wounds). Cute Cunt is currently working as a Teachers Assistant at a foreign English school down the road (How does it feel to be a bitch for the likes of me now?).

The End


Operation DIPSET pt. 7 2/2

We’re going to be real broad about this shit, as I’m still under a little heat and Foreign teacher A is sour. Hence the reason locations, names, and identities remain anonymous for the time being.

Needless to say I crossed all of my T’s and dotted all of my I’s in this interview. The Headmaster was very flexible and brought more to the table than expected. I was more than satisfied after the interview with both the headmaster, and Foreign education manager. Therefor I gave the mystery rep the green light to move ahead with the process.