If you’re going to watch porn.

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As my readers know, my views on porn is that it’s toxic on the mind. But the good news for some of you wankers is that there is porn in good taste out there. If you’re going to watch porn it should be of good taste, and it should attempt to duplicate the true nature of sex between a dude and a chick (or two broads) who fancy each other.

The pornography today is tasteless and made for the teenage imagination. That’s not to say that I’m not fond of  that style of sex, but in those times I’ve often been far from sober. With that said, I would recommend vintage porn; a lot of the vintage porno productions are of high quality with great story lines that you can enjoy watching from beginning to end. I’ll take it even a step further, and say that you could just leave it on your TV in the background when you have visitors over. Here’s why, because it’s not grotesque, it’s not vulgar; in a weird way vintage porn has beauty and charm to it.

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The Way Of Men

The Way of Men didn’t change or challenge a lot of my perspectives, instead it reinforced most of my ideologies and core values. Needless to say it was a pleasant and easy read, that I’ve put it on the back burner for too long. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite quotes from the book, and my overall analysis/ conclusion.

  • “Aren’t most men today spoiled mamma’s boys without father figures, without hunting or fighting or brother-bonds, whose only masculine outlet is promiscuous sex?”
  • “A man who is more concerned with being a good man than being good at being a man makes a very well-behaved slave.”
  • “Men are dropping out and disengaging from our slick, easy, safe world. For what may be the first time in history, the average guy can afford to be careless. Nothing he does really matters, and—what’s worse—there is a shrinking hope of any future where what he does will matter.”
  • “One of the great tragedies of modernity is the lack of opportunity for men to become what they are, to do what they were bred to do, what their bodies want to do.”

Jack Donovan’s truest convictions:

  • Men desire conflict, risk, and challenges.
  • Competition is inherent in what it means to be a man.
  • Men with high testosterone take more risks and seek thrills more often than their low testosterone counterparts.
  • Men enjoy competing for status. When they win something, a dopamine high is triggered. This dopamine high jacks up testosterone levels in men.
  • Men with high testosterone have a tendency to be overly concerned with the world. They’re driven to find out about the world, explore the world, and sometimes conquer the world.
  • There is a difference between being a good man and being good at being a man.
  • We’re all born slaves, but good men rarely escape what they were born into.
  • Being a good man requires obedience.
  • Men that are good at being men exert their authority, question and challenge others.
  • Being good at being a man requires a craving for risk, sex, conflict and danger.


Being located in the East for over a year now, I can truthfully say that there’s been too much modern progress in the west. I see that this hyper modern progress isn’t in favor of masculinity in any way, shape or form. In fact it’s a strong attempt to completely eliminate the meaning of what means to be a man. Some would argue it’s a war on masculinity as a whole (i.e) some students (girls) are getting higher GPA’s than others of equal GPAS’s if not higher on paper (boys), based solely on their behavior.

Teacher bias

“First of all, it suggests that school systems give greater rewards to girls rather than boys, even when pupils are of similar ability.

Teachers are more likely to “mark up” girls’ work, says the study. It suggests that this leniency in marking is an unacknowledged reward for girls being more school-friendly.

Girls are more likely to be better behaved, more likely to get homework finished, less negative about going to school. And even when boys’ work is just as good, the higher grade is more likely to go to a girl.”

Study below:


When women start complaining about men not being men and/or teaching men how to be men is when men have stopped being men; Read that again, and tell me whether you agree with that statement.

This book will put some hair on your chest, and kick you in the nuts if your a male feminist or a complacent slave. You’re being muzzled for the interests of others and it’s on you to take action now.

Purchase Recommendation: (*)

(*) Kindle: $6.50 (You don’t need a physical kindle to buy this book. Download the free app on your laptop or tablet and read.)

Amazon: $18.50

Fun questions women ask!


Here’s some fun questions women you date may ask, and how I recommend you answer them.

“How many women have you had sex with?”

How to answer: Grab a pen and paper, and start from the very beginning. Think really hard, and list every girl’s name in chronological order. After doing so, tell a short story about a sexcapade or series of them that you’ve had with each girl. If you really want to impress, label the girl’s who you had the best sex with and which one’s gave the most unforgettable blowjobs etc.

“Are you attracted to my brains or my body?”

How to answer: A brief moment of silence is the key to answering this question. Nod your head, light a smoke, and look around the surrounding area. The moment she interrupts your deep thought, answer her with a smug smile, and lean in for a deep kiss. Look deeply into her eye’s, and say “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t hear anything you said. I just stare into your eyes, and have dirty fantasies.” Optional: You can follow up with another smooching for the home run.

“Am I fat?”

How to answer: Pull out your smart phone, tablet, or laptop and google the key phrase “Ariana Grande Weight Body Statistics.” You must always be prepared for this question, so always keep a measuring tape nearby and bookmark the above search on all of your devices. Proceed to compare measurements between this girl and Ariana Grande with your measuring tape. If her measurements aren’t up to par, clasp both hands up against your face (covering your eyes) and pretend to sulk and cry. Play it up like a pro by exclaiming “Oh God, what have I done!? I’m with a fattie.”

“What are you thinking?”

How to answer: Shotgun your drink, and pause for an epic “burp.” Blink your eyes a couple times, examine her from head to toe, and then under your breathe say “nope, not yet.”


FUCKING THEORY: Men and women rarely succeed as long-term friends without sex.



Behold the FUCKING THEORY, which will prevent the wise from wasting valuable time, effort, and resources.

Men and women are too very different species, that are highly incompatible as long-term platonic friends based on my observations.

Observation #1: One, if not both of the individuals will likely succumb to the desire of sex.


I understand that there are circumstances where sexual attraction doesn’t exist. Shall we de-construct those relationships?

I think so…

On the premise of a disagreement, argument, and/or fight in a man to man friendship; men will resolve the issue via:

(A) Beer/ whisky over an NFL rivalry etc. FIFA, NHL, NBA

(B) Man hand-shake followed by a bro-hug.


Although, different circumstances call for different resolutions among the male species; two of the three presented resolutions have one thing in common. (A) and (C) allow both men, to release their aggression towards each other in the form of ritualized warfare.

Boys and men typically have the ability to maintain and grow friendships with ease all while overcoming milestones and difficulties, due in part to their accepted outlets of aggression towards each other.

What happens when women are added into a platonic friendship equation with men?

On the premise of a disagreement, argument, and/or fight in a man to woman friendship; 9 times out of 10, the resolution will not come in the form of any of the above mentioned options.

Men and women only know one outlet of aggression towards each other, and that’s sex.

Sure, there are rare circumstances where long-term platonic friendships between men and women succeed. However for the majority of you who’ve convinced yourselves that a platonic friendship with the opposite sex is practical; I can almost guarantee you, that your friendship will fail in the near future. Here’s why:

– It’s almost impossible for men and women in platonic friendships to resolve their aggression towards each other, without sex.

– Almost all intimate human/ animal relationships require physical touch. Relationships where touch is infrequent, non-existent, and restricted will inevitably die in both humans and animals.

To paint a perfect picture of how to resolve problems with fem-friends, would require me to video record myself pouring some stiff drinks for a fem-friend, followed by providing her with some stiff dick.

The fact of the matter is that sooner or later, you will hit a boiling point with each and every single one of your friends (men and women). Consider this a clear warning; If you don’t have an outlet for aggression with your current fem-friends…

You’re setting yourself up for unnecessary stress, and failure.