Operation DIPSET pt.3

Beep, beep, boop…

Ring, ring, riiing, riiingggg, riiiiiinggg!

Receiving caller:”SC how are you?”

Me: “Bad. I’m not happy right now.”

Receiving caller: “I know. It’s money… Money, right?”

Me: “Yes, and no. I have many issues with this school.”

Receiving caller: “I know the problems you have. I’ve talked to your headmaster many times, and he does not want to co-operate with us. We’ve been waiting for you to call us.”

Me: (maintaining my composure) “Why am I only learning this now?”

Receiving caller: “SC we like you very much. We have a couple propositions for you. Are you available to meet at 18:00 tonight in front of the school?”

Me: “Yea, I’m available. See you at 18:00?”

Receiving caller: “We’ll send someone. See you soon.”

Me: “Ok, bye.”

Things were so bad at my current school, there was no possible way to remedy the damage done. It was already too far gone. Imagine the homeless crack addict that jacks off on the train and jizzes on them self daily, trying to turn over a new leaf. Yea… This was that type of school.

The key word “proposition” gave me enough of an indicator to know that I’d be fucking off to somewhere better sooner or later. So….

I stopped at a small market on the way back to work and bought a bunch of cheap notebooks, and binders.


Arriving in China: Part 6/6 “Uncle Sam”


unclesam 001

Halloween event that I co-hosted at Uncle Sam Kids English, in my “FAMOUS” Pikachu costume.

“Expose yourself to everything you fear.” – The 50’th Law – https://smokencanvas.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/the-50th-law-50-cent-and-robert-greene/

Driver: “How was your stay?”

Me: “Aside from the bed, it was awesome. This is a cool area.”

Driver: “Good to hear. You ready to go?”

Me: “Yea, let’s go.”

Driver: “You like Papa Johns?”

Me: “Who doesn’t?”

Driver: “Haha okay. Let’s get some pizza, then I’ll take you to your school.”

Me: “Sounds good to me.”

Arriving at Uncle Sam Kids English: I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the door to my new work destination, however I was surprised…

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