I hate to hate you: Part 1/3


To you,

The truth is:

  • This journey hasn’t been easy.
  • Heavy emotions are on the horizon.
  • I recognize that these emotions are only temporary.
  • Everything is temporary.


  • You’ve been on my mind.
  • I’ve realized that I hate you.
  • I hate that I hate you.

The letter you left me, haunts me in my sleep. I knew it would…

I left it sitting on my night table unopened, for a month after I last saw you. Many late nights when I stumbled into my place in a drunken haze, I would consider opening it. Every morning I woke up and leaned over my bed to discover it unopened, logic insisted that I burn it and/or expose of it.

It taunted me, and made feeble attempts at manipulating me into opening it.

But, I couldn’t open it… I couldn’t expose of it…

Coming next: I hate to hate you: part 2/3


Introduction: smokencanvas


Smokencanvas is a blog based around a variety of world views that have the following in common.

We encourage the pursuit of:

  • Self-improvement
  • Independence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health awareness
  • Wealth
  • Fulfillment
  • Power

We discourage:

  • Stagnation

We endorse:

  • Harsh truth’s of the world
  • Logic

We do not endorse:

  • Monogamy for young males
  • Political correctness

We believe in:

  • Implementing strategical tactics and maneuvers to assist in obtaining power, fulfillment and ultimate happiness
  • Implementing a logical approach to life
  • Traditional gender roles

We argue that:

  • Making decisions out of emotion is often irrational, illogical, and detrimental to your well being.
  • Strategy trumps hard work.
  • Building an empire should be the focus of every young males life, as opposed to monogamy.
  • What is considered “right” is often wrong. What is considered “wrong” is often right.
  • Men and women are not the same, or built equal.
  • Obtaining fulfillment only requires an openness to logic, reason, and strategy