You deserve to FAIL if…


I’m about to drop a shit on my keyboard, but fuck it; I’m done with this politically correct shit. The fact of the matter is in the title of this post, but I’ll reiterate it for those of you who are hard of hearing: NO ONE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED! Furthermore, EVERYONE WANTS YOU TO FAIL!!!

Take a couple seconds to swallow and digest that…

Ready for what’s to come next? Here it comes!!!

Your achievements are the FAILURE OF OTHERS. Your achievements reveal THEIR FLAWS. Those same people will withhold words of encouragement and persist on using passive aggression to KEEP YOU BENEATH THEM.

One more time…


Do you want ass backwards advice? Does fear that prevents you from truly improving your life sound appealing to you?

If not, than I suggest you NEVER reveal your goals and aspirations to others.

The second you elevate yourself, people who hate you will try to sabotage you.

Never let your guard down; never feed haters, unless you’re intentions are to feed them spoon after spoon of fresh shit.

The bottom line is that you don’t need assistance from anyone; you were born alone and you will die alone. If you can’t raise your middle finger and do what the fuck you want to do without the validation of others, YOU DESERVE TO FAIL.