5 TV shows from my childhood that I enjoy to this day.


#1: Two and a half Men

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Only with the one and only Charlie Sheen. This dude truly has tiger blood.

#2: Married with children

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AL BUNDY. Another boss man, his fat jokes never get old.

#3: Kenny VS Spenny


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KVS perfectly displays what my relationship with my younger brother is like. :))

#4: South Park

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This show is the definition of EQUALITY and what THE FREE WORLD looks like. The creators of this TV show troll everyone in the public eye. No one is off limits.

#5: Malcolm in the middle

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I have a soft spot for this one, because it was one of the only TV shows that I related with in my early youth.


A free lesson for ESL teachers to use for IELTS.

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Poetry and Prose Let’s begin. What is poetry? What is prose? What makes them different?

The structure of poetry: Poems are made up of verses. A verse is known as a metrical composition. And a metrical composition/ verse is a group of lines that form a unit in a poem or song. Poems always have a stanza. A stanza is just a set of lines and sentences grounded by rhythmical pattern. You can see an example on the next slide.

The structure of poetry: If you listen to modern day songs on the radio, you’ll notice that most of them are composed of three verses. Usually the format is 1’st verse – chorus – 2’nd verse – chorus – 3’rd verse – chorus I’ve attached an example on the following slide.

The structure of poetry: Poems are linear. They have line breaks that go against the rules of grammar. Poetry looks like the writer wrote on a tiny piece of paper. In fact the writer had plenty of room to write, instead they chose to write in this fashion on purpose. You can see on the left hand side of the slide, we call this linear.

Quick summary: Poems are written in verses. Poems are linear. Grammar is not required to write poetry. Poetry must have rhythm.

All about Prose and what makes them different to poetry: Prose come in paragraphs and follow the laws of grammar. Some examples of prose are your everyday speech, novels, essays, news articles, the law etc. The sentences in this style of composition are written in ordinary language, meaning that they’re often easier to read and understand in contrast to poetry. Prose compositions are packaged in a more digestible way, because the structure is our natural language. There is a lot more spoken and written prose than there are poems. Prose don’t require rhythm.

The purpose of poetry: The general purpose of a poem is to strive for aesthetic beauty. Whether it is to provide a perspective on philosophy, be humorous or share a personal experience. A poem looks to do so in a way that is deemed attractive. There is an example on the next slide.

The purpose of poetry: Poetry is driven by imagery. Read the next poem and quickly draw a picture of what you imagine.

The purpose of prose: Prose compositions are more straight forward, and they can be beautiful. The general purpose of prose is to pass along information as efficiently as possible. Prose may provoke a specific emotion from the reader, but this type of composition doesn’t necessarily require the writer to achieve that. This type of composition typically has a plot, different characters and a story line.

An example of poetry: “Is that foolish youth still sawing the good branch he’s sitting on? Do the orchard and hill wheeze because of it, And the few remaining apples sway? Can he see the village and the valley the way a chicken hawk would?” “Ancient Autumn” by Charles Simic

An example of prose: Is that young boy still squandering and not appreciating the good in his life? Are those around him affected by his foolishness and fear of what might happen to themselves because of it? I wonder how sharp his perception is and if he can see the consequences of his actions.

Which composition style is better and why?

An example of poetry: “Every year without knowing it I have passed the day when the last fires will wave to me and the silence will set out tireless traveler like the beam of a lightless star.” “For the anniversary of my death” by William S. Merwin

An example of prose: Every year without knowing it, there is a day on the calendar in which will become the anniversary of my death. The day I take my last breath and will become nothing but a memory.

Summary of Poetry: Poems are written in verses and they are linear. Poems rhythm and are driven by imagery. Poems aspire to share an emotion.

Summary of Prose: Prose is written in paragraphs and the structure is grammatically correct. Prose is a composition style used to effecitively communicate and is similar to everyday speech.

The biggest flaw in gun control regulations.


The American public and government can do 10 somersaults and 1000 cartwheels and still nothing will change. By that I mean that they can create all types of new regulations for gun control, they can even ban all guns and I promise you very little will change.

Let’s imagine that all guns are banned starting now, what is going to be the result? A black market will emerge and the people who want to get their hands on guns, will still get their hands on them. It’s the same thing with drugs, the war on drugs was and still is pointless. Why? Because the people who want them will get them, and it’s not hard for them to find.

If decades and centuries of history where peoples rights and access to things have been controlled proves anything, it’s that THAT is not the solution to gun violence and drug problems. That’s all for now, keep on doing somersaults and cartwheels America.


7 things I learned from my relationship with a married woman.

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  1. MARRIED WOMEN CAN BE PRETTY COOL TO SPEND TIME WITH. Married women have great qualities because they are domesticated animals. Their home making skills and their ability to handle you in an elegant yet gentle way is endearing. Their sex drive is unreal to begin with and if she catches feelings the sex will be explosive.
  2. IT’S ALL JIBBER JABBER. If you don’t know whether or not she’s married, look at her actions. Never listen to what a woman says, it’s all jibber jabber. If she never sleeps over, I can bet you she’s not an escort that is choosing to lose her own money in exchange for your dick and time.
  3. REMEMBER THE BIG PICTURE. It’s easy to say this one, but hard to follow because I think all of us forget the big picture from time to time. If we were to never forget the big picture, we would never experience true happiness even temporarily. Nevertheless, always keep the law of abundance in mind. This just means that there are millions of other fish in the sea, and you should continuously update your portfolio.  For the benefit of my readers, I can’t firmly say that the law of abundance is always necessary and at the same time I can’t firmly say that it isn’t a valuable tool in your toolbox. It depends on the circumstances, but you will know when you need this tool and when you don’t need it.
  4. YOU COULD BE SERVING A GOOD CAUSE. Hear me out on this one… Banging married women could be perceived as a public service. Perhaps she could be a terrible person for her coworkers to work with and a miserable person to co-exist with in the same household environment. You then come running along in a cape with your schlong dragging behind you, and before you know it she becomes the most pleasant person in the world. Her husband and co-workers are thanking you for your service.
  5. FORTIFY YOURSELF. If you are aware of her marriage before getting intimate with her, you need to fortify yourself every day. When you wake up, look yourself in the mirror and say “I will not turn a ho into a housewife TODAY.” This is going to save your ass from 1) catching feelings for an unavailable woman who will string you along, and 2) ruining a good relationship with a reliable fuck buddy.
  6. YOUR FEELINGS ARE INCORRECT. Don’t try to coerce her into leaving her husband for you because you will never trust her. Most importantly she will lose all respect for you and perceive you as a weak stupid man for fighting for her skanky ass.
  7. REMAIN IN THE SAFE ZONE BY READING BETWEEN THE LINES: If she doesn’t tell you the truth about her marriage- she’s either ashamed of herself or catching feelings for you; perhaps both. Either way, you need to read between the lines because the truth won’t come out until it’s too late.

If you’re going to watch porn.

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As my readers know, my views on porn is that it’s toxic on the mind. But the good news for some of you wankers is that there is porn in good taste out there. If you’re going to watch porn it should be of good taste, and it should attempt to duplicate the true nature of sex between a dude and a chick (or two broads) who fancy each other.

The pornography today is tasteless and made for the teenage imagination. That’s not to say that I’m not fond of  that style of sex, but in those times I’ve often been far from sober. With that said, I would recommend vintage porn; a lot of the vintage porno productions are of high quality with great story lines that you can enjoy watching from beginning to end. I’ll take it even a step further, and say that you could just leave it on your TV in the background when you have visitors over. Here’s why, because it’s not grotesque, it’s not vulgar; in a weird way vintage porn has beauty and charm to it.

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Bible Study – 1 Timothy 2:11 – 2:15

Seek the truth and you will find it.

11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.


Hip-Hop music for the clown/party boy archetype


#1: Quarashi

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Song Recommendation: Fuck you puto

#2: Borialis

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Song Recommendation: Don’t mean a thing

#3: Methods of mayhem

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Song Recommendation: Drunk Uncle Pete

#4: Hot action cop

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Song Recommendation: Don’t want her to stay

#5: Ugly duckling

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Song Recommendation: The Pike