Feature Article: March (Women)

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Swallow the red pill.

Behold the FUCKING THEORY, which will prevent the wise from wasting valuable time, effort, and resources.

Men and women are too very different species, that are highly incompatible as long-term platonic friends based on my observations.

Point blank observation #1: One, if not both of the individuals will likely succumb to the desire of sex.


I understand that there are circumstances where sexual attraction doesn’t exist. Shall we de-construct those relationships?

I think so…

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FUCKING THEORY: Men and women rarely succeed as long-term friends without sex.


Feature Article: January (Political & Cultural)

From a 13 year old girl during the women’s march. Lib’s are disgusting human beings.

I’ve been observing the political landscape in Canada change rapidly over the course of the past couple of years. There has been some turbulence, and I was fortunate enough to escape to the east before Justin Down Syndrome Trudeau made things worse.

Now, I’ve noticed that “visible minorities,”women, trannies, and homosexuals voices have been amplified so fucking loud in Canada. And I mean that in the sense that everyone else’s opinions or ideas have been put on mute.

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