What every body is saying

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I took my time reading this book because it was really boring. However I have found this book effective in manipulating my own body language. Here are 10 things I learned from this book:

  • Pointing your nose up is a high confidence display.
  • Covering of the eyes is a clear indicator of disagreement and disbelief.
  • Touching of oneself on the top quarter of the body is done to self soothe.
  • Where a persons feet are pointed is where a person wants to go.
  • Head tilting is a high comfort display.
  • Interlaced hands behind the head is a dominance display.
  • Hands on a table while in a standing position is another dominance display.
  • Be wary of those that squint in your presence, they probably don’t like you.
  • Leg crossing while standing is a high comfort display.
  • Hands on the knees while in a seated position means a person wants to leave.

Upon reflection I believe the author could have cut the size of this book in half. The most powerful aspect of this book is identifying your own body language habits and correcting them to non-verbally communicate messages you want to communicate; and/or using your body language to intimidate.

Purchase Recommendation: (*)

(*) Kindle: $11.99 (You don’t need a physical kindle to buy this book. Download the free app on your laptop or tablet and read.)

Amazon: $18.30


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