Crazy Georgia pt.9

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Edog: “Impressive.”

Me: “Shut up, I’m busy.”

Edog: “No, you… You are impressive.”

Me: “Oh… Yea, yea… I am.”

Edog: “I had a bet with the balls that tonight you would…”

Me: “Shut up!!!”

We had bar hopped to a Chinese karaoke club down the road and ordered a bottle of Jack, alongside 12 bottles of Corona for the rest of the group. My buzz was proper and I didn’t have much to contribute to the tears shed and booze riddled arguments that transpired among the group of people that followed us here. Within half an hour all of the guys departed outside to puke their brains out, and some of which ended their night with shit stains in their pants.

I sat there sipping my jack with two people sitting across from me. Guess who? Yup.. The Hot chick with the Limp wrist boyfriend and Crazy Georgia. This was a real predicament…

#1: The hot chick with the Limp wrist boyfriend: Her boyfriend abandoned her at the bar, and I barely got a test drive earlier that night. It would be a sure thing if I could get her back to my apartment, which was a 5 minute walk from the bar.

#2: Crazy Georgia: She’s been attached to my hip all night, and she wouldn’t have ditched her friends to chill with me this late if she didn’t have something in mind.

Hmmmm, one more drink…


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