Crazy Georgia pt.8

Image result for sexy georgia women

Crazy Georgia: “Hi, nice to meet you.” (staring deeply into my eyes)

Me: “Yea…”

Hungarian Asshole: “Yo… Dickhead.. Over here!”

Crazy Georgia: “Those are your friends?”

Me: “Unfortunately.”

Crazy Georgia: “Hehe.” 

Me: “Do you want to join for a drink?”

Crazy Georgia: “Yes!”

Her eyes got so wide and had a  twinkle in them every time she looked into mine (a twinkle I’ll never forget), I couldn’t tell if she was drunk or in love at first sight. I posted up at the table with overly friendly acquaintances for the most part, and a few friends. She posted up next to me, and was so engaged in everything I commented on. The second my mouth opened she would completely abandon whatever small talk conversation she was engaged in and direct all of her focus on me.

To side track here, she was a hottie… A tight petite feminine body, long brown hair all the way down to her booty, big brown eyes, soft olive skin, docile, cute and nurturing.

As the conversation in our group took a political turn, she stood behind all of my commentary and statements. Fuck it, she fought battles for me and I barely knew the chick. To this day I don’t know if she was seduced by me or was trying to seduce me. I was going to slam her like I just got out of prison irregardless.


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