Reader feedback (2):

Jade writes:

I am here to tell you how utterly disgusted I am by you. You claim to be a Christian but how could you take such advantage of God’s unconditional love? You work with children and are meant to be an example- yet you treat women like filth.

You hide behind your ego like a lost soul, yet you claim to know the salvation that Jesus Christ offers. You judge others as Christ was judged and yet you find your actions and opinions to be the highlight of your personality… I’ve read your website, and I don’t understand what has indoctrinated you into such a hateful existence.

Just know that the darkness will become a lonely place. You should seek to spread love and not hate. None of us are perfect, so who am I to talk right? Some men were made to destruct and others were made to heal.

Spreading cuddles, peace, love and happiness is not what we do. Humor maybe… But this isn’t buzzfeed, huffington post, or are thousands of different blogs and sites that cater to your positive bullshit needs. That’s all Jade.


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