Top 4 posts from our 2016 fiscal year


Image result for angry feminists

“It is not your place to look at the art I display on my body to assume and judge whether I have made good life choices or not. You do not know me more than a stranger passing me in the street placing judgment on me. Yes you know me as a person, but you do not know me personally- I’m not the same 15 year old you knew. So by you asking to see my tattoos so you can place judgment is rude, and offensive.”

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#2: Dear Students

Image result for kids picking nose

“I could draw a better dog than you with my left foot after a week long bender on blow, booze, and acid in 30 seconds. Just wanted to clear the air on that.”

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#3: I hate to hate you pt.1- pt.3

Image result for couple smoking in bed

I silently stared her down, as she leaned in and slowly started unbuckling my belt with a smug look on her face.

Me: “Yo! Throw that shit out, before it burns a hole in my bed!” *BLINK* *BLINK*

(Regained composure – hoping she’s too far gone to have caught that)

After tossing the cigarette, she made her way to the bedroom door and flicked the light switch off. I could feel her lean in close, and whisper “I win.”

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#4: Constitution of marriage proposal

Image result for angry feminists

“Look at how far we’ve come; gay marriage is legal, marijuana legalization is spreading like wild fire throughout the west, women have completely abandoned the idea of a traditional nuclear family, homosexuals prance through our major cities with dildos strapped to their foreheads every year, our education system teaches our children about anal sex at the age of 10, and we regularly celebrate those that are clinically insane in the media.

Although I almost broke my keyboard writing the above, I realize that I have little choice but to hop on the bandwagon at this point. Therefore, I have constructed a proposal.”

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