Crazy Georgia pt. 7


In the elevator back to shares:

Edog: “Don’t disappoint me.”

Me: You’re a real asshole, you know?”

Edog: “Who’s been there for you through all your rough patches?”

Me: “Me, myself.”

Edog: “Wrong, me. I’ve taken all of your abuse through the rough times… COCKSUCKER!!!”

Me: “We’re here, fuck off now.”

Edog: “Promise you won’t disappoint me.”

Me: “Fuck! If shit doesn’t happen tonight, I’ll buy a fishing rod tomorrow and go pick up some fat chicks to massage you. I’ll use big mac’s as my bait. How bout that?”

Edog: “I’m sorry, I’m making you frustrated. Relax…..”

Me: “Ok.”

Edog: “Don’t disappoint me.”



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