The 4 week Smokencanvas Program

Do everything listed below over the course of 4 weeks.

1. Workout everyday: Do something, anything. Go to the gym, do P90X or Insanity, go for a run or a walk.
2. Drink 10-15 bottles of water everyday.
3. Drink at least 1 protein shake everyday after working out. The $25 stuff from Walmart is fine.
4. Take 2-4 fish oil soft gel pills everyday.
5. Eat a bowl of oatmeal everyday.
6. Stop smoking pot. Instead drink whisky.
7. Smoking cigarettes is fine, if you choose to do so.
8. Always start your morning with a cup of coffee. Instant coffee is fine.
9. Consolidate your credit card debt, and make a plan to pay it all off within the next 6 months.
10. Stop using your credit card.
11. Open a savings account.
12. Deposit 15% – 20% of your current disposable income into your savings account, and don’t touch it.
13. Stop contributing money to a pension plan.
14. Buy a book, and read it.
15. Stop playing video games.
16. Stop watching porn.
17. Stop jerking off; limit it to once a week.
18. Go to church once.
19. Chew gum religiously.
20. Start a new hobbie (ie) learning a new language, learning an instrument, drawing, painting etc.
21. Throw out all the stuff you don’t use.
22. Stop texting. Instead call or send an audio message.
23. Stop asking women for advice.
24. Only contact women for sex or “to chill and watch netflix” (sex).
25. Turn your phone off before you go to bed.
26. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
27. Get a haircut that doesn’t require much maintenance; I recommend a buzz cut.
28. Throw out all of your t-shirts with stupid logos, and replace them with polos (anything with a collar works).
29. Buy a $10 pack of plain white tees, that’s all you need. Or if your a slob like me, get grey or black.
30. Grow your facial hair out; it doesn’t matter if you can’t grow a full beard. Trim it once a week.
31. Buy a watch with just the basic functions. I recommend Timex.
32. Toss your jeans if they’re hanging off your ass without a belt. Drop by a thrift store, and pick up a couple pairs that fit.
33. Fuck off with your Air Jordan extra shock basketball pumps, get some normal sneakers. I recommend the original Adidas Superstar.
34. Eat cashew nuts at least once a week.


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