Crazy Georgia pt. 5


Me: “You are the best, stand up.”

Her: (Still sucking)

Me: “Stand up!”

Her: (Sucking more passionately)

To myself: “She’s not hearing shit. She’s in her zone.. I hate to kill your shit bro, but I needa bust a nut.”

I pulled my cock out of her suction cup grip, and lifted her drunk ass over the sink. After shoving my cock into her under her mini skirt, I heard an echo in the hall.

Limp wrist boyfriend: BABE??

One pump, two pump…

Me: (under my breathe) “This fag.”

Her: (under her breathe) “Go, please.”

Limp wrist boyfriend: “BABE!!!!?” 

I wrapped my arm around her mouth, and pulled her into a stall with my cock still in her special place.. We were thrust up between two walls in a stall half naked, silent and still.

I could see through the cracks in the stall, he poked his head in the bathroom and kept walking to the back exit. Two minutes later he passed the bathroom again, while dialing her phone..

Me: (whispering) “Silence your phone.”

Her: (whispering) “It’s in my purse.”

Me: (whispering) “Where’s that?”

Her: (whispering) “In the bar.”

Me:(whispering) “Fuck… Go out there, and pretend to be retarded drunk or something. I don’t know,  I’m outta here.”

Her: (whispering) “Kaay.”

Me: (whispering) “Ok, bye..”

I rolled out back to my place through the back exit, which was conveniently located two minutes down the road. I changed my shoes, and tossed the piss soaked ones over my balcony; changed my jeans, and cracked a beer. I was going to have to lay low for a little bit…


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