Crazy Georgia pt. 4


She turned around and glanced at me up and down. At that very second I knew it was on like Donkey Kong. I was going to use her as a colostomy bag for my jizz. 

I looked her deep in the eyes, and pulled her in for a punch drunk passionate kiss. She was loaded as fuck, but she was also following her own animalistic instincts (which were telling her to manually empty all bodily fluids from my body).

I shoved her into the bathroom down the hall, which was flooded in piss. She got on her knees in a piss puddle, unbuckled me and started going to work. The smell of human excretion was penetrating, however this girl really was really enjoying herself. I was drunk and sucky sucky wasn’t doing it for me, I was itching to bend her over the sink and hit that raw, but I asked myself “what would Jesus do?”

Jesus would allow her to continue showing off her god given talent, so I stood there idle while finishing my smoke.


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