Thoughts (3)

I couldn’t say it better than Adam Carolla (youtube clip below), however I want to add some of my own points below:

  • Trump getting into the oval office is important for everyone in Western civilization, so that we can hit the PAUSE BUTTON.
  • We need time to stop and take a breather. There’s been so many changes over the past 8 years in both Canada and USA, where we need to take a step back and observe whether these changes have had a positive or negative impact on the greater whole.
  • Understand: The political direction of the USA directly impacts Canada in almost every way. Canada is a follower, not a leader (USA’s bitch to put it bluntly). 
  • We’ve become too gullible, and need to start observing everything around us more closely.
  • For example: Reconsider taking advice from those who have an inability of admitting that they’re wrong when faced with facts.
  • Question whether the extreme cultural shift (exiling tradition) in the west is a means to population control? What benefit does it serve to the greater powers?
  • Why is the media/ education system promoting an unlimited gender/ gay/ tranny/ interracial pairing culture in the west? Is it just embracement of all echelons of society or part of a bigger scheme?

Although I’m very skeptical of the direction we’re headed in, I want to close by saying that regadless of whether Trump wins the presidency you should focus on making yourself as anti-fragile as possible. I advise you to start with your money. I need to update the following post I’m about to share with you, however it’s a good beginners guide for Money. Click here: The Asshole Method: Money Management


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