Crazy Georgia pt. 3


Six brews later:

I was buzzed, and Foreign Teacher A’s true colors were showing. The Hungarian asshole didn’t contribute to the garbage “FTA” (we’re going to refer to him as that from now on) and the other vajj starved cuckolds were spitting. I knew he wouldn’t, however these fags caused a disturbance in my happy buzz. I lost my patience…

Me: “#1: Rape culture in the west is a myth, here’s why….. #2 The Syrian refugees aren’t inherently good, here’s why… #3 Third wave feminism isn’t about equality, here’s why…. #4 A Trump Presidency could be beneficial for the west, here’s why… #5 Racism and sexism is a figment of your imagination, here’s why… ”

Limp wrist cucks & FTA: “Yes, and….”

I couldn’t get angry with them; When I looked at them, I just saw a bunch of babies painting the walls around them with their own shit.  I say this because that’s how I view these individuals; misguided children who’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing toxic ideologies.

I really wanted to just help them, but it wasn’t the right time or place.

Couple more pints later: As I started to disengage from this whole thing, the hot girlfriend of one of the Limp wrist cucks invited me outside for a smoke.

Me: “Do you want a smoke?”

Hot chick with limp wrist boyfriend: “Yea, come outside.”

I followed her out the back entrance, I was feeling a great buzz and I had a clue what was to come.


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