Crazy Georgia pt.2


Foreign Teacher A: “You ready for tonight?”

Me: “ I”m doneskiis bro.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Oh fuck you. It’s Christmas. You got some shit on the reg now, and your done?”

Me: “Bro, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Congrats, you’re Chinese now. I’m taking you for dinner and drinks after we finish this class. Whatever you want, just do what you do.”

Me: “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m not fucking Bebe.”

Foreign Teacher A: “You better not. You’ll chew her up and spit her out so fast, we’ll never be able to drink at Shares again. She’s a good girl, you’re scum.”

Me: “I wonder what that makes you?”

Foreign Teacher A: “Huh?”

Me: “Haha, bro you act as though she can do no wrong. She’s a 27 year old single bartender, with no education, and is barely a 6.5 on appearance that is (I’m a shallow chauvinist, and I only value a woman’s appearance). She’s a sluu, and it couldn’t be any easier.”

Foreign Teacher A: “You’re so young and naive (shaking his head).”

Me: “Yea yea, let’s get this class done.”


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