Operation DIPSET pt.10

Mystery rep (audio sent @ 9:30 am): “SC meet downtown at noon. We to go for lunch, and talk your leaving. Call me.”

11:00 am: I rolled out of bed, walked out to the balcony and leaned back as far as I could while aiming over the railing. As far as I can remember, my accuracy was great. I hadn’t showered in two days, so my first priority after coffee was a gym run. For a shower that is.

11:15 am: Coffee, smoke, balcony…. Fuck bro, I can’t wait to take a shower.

Mystery rep (audio): “SC do you get my message?”

My ringtone went off half way through my coffee; this sent a message to my cock which made it insta-soft and my first thought was: “You really need to choke on a dick, instead of harassing my life when I’m off the clock” @ugly cunt.

I walked into my bedroom, unplugged my phone and prepared myself for an argument with the ugly cunt. I swiped down, and was surprised to see that it was the mystery rep.

It was almost 11:30 am when I heard the mystery reps audio. I called him to confirm as fast as I could. I hopped into my jeans with one hand while simultaneously finishing my smoke and coffee in the other hand without spilling or ashing all over the place. Don’t ask me how, I have it down to a science. Talent 😉

I flipped my mattress over, grabbed my Ziploc of money and shoved it into my back pocket. Also don’t ask why I keep my money under my bed, that’s another story for another time.

I rushed out the door and caught a taxi downtown to the meeting point. Here’s a watered down version of some of the details that were discussed.



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