Operation DIPSET pt.8

I dropped my bag at the door, and took a squirt off of the balcony. There was a small flood in my bathroom at the time, and the landlord was taking his sweet time on doing something about it. Luckily I was only a flight of stairs away from the rooftop, so I’d make my way up there and cop a squat when necessary.

I reached into my pocket, and pulled out the contact card. It wasn’t too late (around 21:20), so I figured I’d get into contact with her the same night. But first, a cool down drink.

I opened the fridge to find some cans of Guiness left behind by some Hungarian douche from the night before. I hate black beer, but I was dry. It would have to do for the night, because taking the elevator down forty floors and stopping every fourth floor plus a ten minute walk both ways wasn’t worth it for beer. At least not that night; there wasn’t any action, plus foreign teacher A was busy with some engaged woman from India.

Speaking of the engaged India woman, her younger sister was cute. She said she was some type of Olympic athlete from what I can recall. Anyways, if you’re reading “good luck ;-).”

Anyways I plopped down on my makeshift couch, light a smoke and pulled up a bench for my ashtray and shitty beer. I searched her we-chat ID and sent a friend request. She accepted my request almost instantly. I checked the time, it was a little past 22:00.

“Shit, I didn’t know that I take so long to settle in after getting home. I guess it’s not too late to talk to her, if she accepted my friend request so quickly. She must have been anticipating my request.”

Me (audio): “Hello, my name is SC. I was referred to you by ***, and I would like to talk to you if you’re available.”

Headmaster (audio): “Hello SC. I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you, are you available to do a skype interview tomorrow afternoon at 14:00?”

Me (audio): “I start work at 12:00 tomorrow, how about 19:30?”

Headmaster (audio): “Ok. I look forward to meeting you. Have a goodnight SC.”

Me (audio): “Sounds good, me too. Goodnight.”

I grabbed a notebook and pen from my backpack. I started preparing a series of questions and personal requirements I had for the school, as I wasn’t going to find myself employed in another shit hole like the school I was currently employed at.


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