Operation DIPSET pt.6

Mystery rep: “Do you have smoke? I will go buy smoke.”

Me: “Yea, I have. Do you want?”

Mystery rep: “Sure, let’s step outside. Come on.”

I grabbed my beer, and followed him outside. I light my smoke, and after passing the light I could feel my pants vibrate. I reached into my pocket, and checked my cell. It was the Ugly Cunt calling. The Ugly Cunt, was a cunt of a manager and ugly to boot.

As a man, I always thought about how to fix her because her body was alright. First, we’d have to make her a pleasant human being to be around. Solution 1 part.a: A brave man willing to provide her with some dick. However, I nor Foreign Teacher A were that brave. Solution 1 part.b: Pot. I’m not an advocate for that shit, nor do I partake (I’m an alky). However, the green would be put to good use on this creature.

We won’t mention the small things like her mean overbite and nasty teeth, because those things are fixable. Needless to say, she was just a miserable person to be around. I don’t think any amount of money could prepare you for the living hell she made my life.

Anyways, I flashed my phone at the Mystery Rep “Ugly Cunt Calling.”

Mystery rep: “Ah, it doesn’t matter. Just turn your phone off. You will go back to work tomorrow.”

 Me: “Okay. So what’s going on right now?”

Mystery rep: “Are you ready to move up to the north?”

Me: “What are you talking about?”

Mystery rep: “I will send you to a very beautiful city. The school is a lot better, and you will make more money. You must trust me.”

Me: “Well it can’t get much worse than this. Tell me more.”

Mystery rep: “Are you interested?”

Me: “Of course, but I want to know more and I have a lot of questions.”

Mystery rep: “You think too much. Meet me inside, after you finish your smoke. I need to make a call.”

Me: “Hold on. Wait a second.”

I rushed inside behind the Mystery rep. My curiosity was peaked, and I had so many questions…


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