Operation DIPSET pt.4

I stepped over some baby poop after climbing a set of stairs back onto the main road, to find Foreign Teacher A playing with a police styled baton at a street vendor across the road.

Me: What are you doing!

Foreign Teacher A: “Where were you?”

Me: “Buying some notebooks, binders, and shit. When do your classes start?”

Foreign Teacher A: “Cool, I got about an hour. You’ve been out here for a while; I came out to check up on you.”

Me: “Aw, how sweet. You missed me?”

Foreign Teacher A: “Fuck off. I’m bored, anyways what’s going on with you and blondie?”

Me: “She wants my gentleman sausage… Jealous?”

Foreign Teacher A: “A little…” -.-

Me: …….. -.-

“Hahahahaha! Let’s have a quick smoke and get back to work, ok? Pass the light.”

I didn’t have any classes today, it was my “office hours day.” For those of you who aren’t aware “office hours” means hours that you sit in an office and do absolutely nothing. The purpose of “office hours” is for the school to have a white foreigner who’s visibly pretending to work when prospective students and parents come to visit the school.

Alternatively, you can use this time to prepare your classes if your work load is heavy; mine wasn’t. You can find many gigs similar to this in China as a small second source of income; they call it “Rent a white boy.” You’ll sit in an office and play games on a computer, or attend business meetings exclusively in Chinese (they will supply you with a suit, transport, dinner and drinks; your job is to sit there and smile).

Anyways, I decided to sit through some of Foreign Teacher A’s class while I waited for the mystery rep to meet me outside of the school at 18:00.

Foreign Teacher A’s classes were pleasant to sit through, as he had a good rapport with his students. I absorbed a lot of his techniques over the course of my time working with him, and appreciated his mentoring/ friendship.


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