Operation DIPSET: pt. 1

Foreign teacher A: “You look burnt out bro. What were you doing last night?”

Me: “Nothing. I’m good.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Crazy Georgia?”

Me: “No, no.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Horny Brit?”

Me: “No, no Georgia, no Brit.”

Foreign Teacher A: “Well, you look like shit.”

Me: “Thanks, so do…”


She came storming into the office. She was an absolute cunt to work with, but she had a cute thing going for her.

Cute Cunt:  “I am going to quit soon.”

Foreign Teacher A: “What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

Cute Cunt: “The Headmaster will not pay me my full salary until next month. This is the second month this has happened to me. I got evicted from my apartment last month because of this, and now I must live with Mom and Dad.”

The exchange between Foreign Teacher A and the Cute Cunt continued for over half an hour, as I pretended to work in silence while analyzing the situation.

Blah, blah, blah….

Coming next: Operation DIPSET: pt. 2


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