Top Quotes From The Manipulated Man – Esther Vilar


“For man, who was brought up to be proud and honorable, every working day is merely an endless series of humiliations. He shows enthusiasm for products he finds useless, he laughs at jokes he finds tasteless, he expresses opinions which are not his own. Not for a moment is he allowed to forget that the merest oversight may mean demotion, that one slip of the tongue may spell the end of his career.”

“Women’s proven lack of imagination makes clear that they have no a priori need for new inventions. If they did, they would invent things more often themselves.”

“Theoretically it is possible for a beautiful woman to have less intelligence than a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society.”

“Could it be that strength, intelligence, and imagination are not prerequisites for power but merely qualifications for slavery? Could it be that the world is not being ruled by experts but by beings who are not fit for anything else—by women?”

Purchase Recommendation: (*)

Indigo: $14.81 (Buy online if you want a hard copy; Finding this book in store, is like finding a thimble in a hay stack)

Amazon: $14.81 + shipping (paperback)

* Kindle: $6.99



2 thoughts on “Top Quotes From The Manipulated Man – Esther Vilar

  1. This is a classic. I still remember my social science professor in Junior High School telling the whole class (boys and girls) about this book openly. If I remeber well I was 14. Anyway, let me recommend you another Vilar’s book: ‘The Polygamous Sex: A right every man has to have at least two wives’. In this book Vilar argues that a man can only love a woman for two reasons: Either she is his sons’ mother or she is his lover.
    A woman has troubles being the two things at the same time, while
    Two or more women have no problem sharing a man, as long as their perspectives about that man are fullfiled, while
    A man can have a relationship with more than one woman at the same time.
    So, every man should have at least two ‘wives’, one to play the homemaker, one to play the mistress.
    The book is out of print since 1978, but you can find copies for sale


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