I hate to hate you: Part 2/3


I lay there shirtless with the spins, the only source of light coming from the full moon illuminating my shadow. While I stare at it sitting on the night table, I sense an uneasiness in my demeanor. As I start to close my eyes, I prepare for the hurricane of…

Her: “Yooo E!!! You want another round?”


Her: “Haha! I should know better than to ask by now.”

Me: “Yea, you should. Got smokes?”

Her: “Yea.”

Me: “Cool, I’ll be downstairs in a minute. Meet you in the sun room.”


I stumbled down the hall into the bathroom, rinsed my face with some ice cold water, and slapped myself into semi-soberville. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I started to feel a stronger sense of re-assurance in my decision.

I grabbed the drink off of the counter and my crotch with the other hand, as I made my way towards the sun room.


Her: “I’M SOOO FUCKING HORNY! YOU TOOK SOOOOO LOOONG!!! WE’RE GOING TO YOUR BEDROOM… NOW!” (Grabs my arm, and pulls me back to the cave)

Coming next: I hate to hate you: part 3/3


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