Arriving in China: Part 3/6 “Hostel”



Me: “So… Just out of curiosity, how long does it take to walk down this mountain?”

Driver: “Don’t worry about that, everything you need is here. Let’s get you settled into the hostel, so you can get some sleep. Hand me your passport.”

Me: “Sure thing.”

Arriving at the hostel: I grabbed a beer (Tsing Tao) from the front desk and headed out onto the patio, while the driver took care of the paper work and so on. As I pounded the last bit of the watery beer back, I took in my new view. The view went blurry for a moment. My eyes were starting to water; it must have been something about the beer or air.

It was the beer… At that moment I realized, it was likely that I wouldn’t have a good strong beer for a while to come. It was a very emotional moment.

I wiped the water away and headed back inside, to find both the driver and host waiting for me with a big smile. When Chinese people smile at you it’s quite infectious, you can’t help but to smile back. I grabbed my canvas bag off of the couch and tossed it over my back, while the driver and host helped me with my luggage. Up two flights of stairs we went to the corner room at the end of the hall.

Settling in: I nudged the door open with my foot, to find a cosy room that fit only a bed with high ceilings, big windows and a small bathroom in the corner. I poked my head into the bathroom to find an american toilet.

“There’s an american crapper, a bed, and the Chinese version of beer downstairs. This will do, I’m a happy man… For the most part.”

Coming next: Part 4: “Hostel” (continued)


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