Arriving in China: Part 2/6 “What have I gotten myself into?”


Getting off at Hangzhou train station (continued): I took a deep breath, and than a nice full drag of China’s finest “Ligun.” I turned my head like a peacock to see the surroundings, and to my surprise everyone in the area was staring at me like a hawk; the same way you would stare if you saw a leprechaun. I turned back, and tried to convince myself it was all in my head and that I was imagining things. I did the peacock head turn once again. Turns out a 5 foot 11 inch white male, with a thick beard stands out like a sore thumb in China. Well at least at Hangzhou train station, to say the least.

The attack: I was spotted! I considered squinting my eyes to blend in while I looked for my driver, but it didn’t help. Groups of people started following me in my search for my driver (as my body language and slight indecisiveness indicated that I was likely a tourist) while trying to sell me everything you could possibly think of (“happy ending massages, black market taxi’s, hotel stays, beads etc.”)

The trip to the hostel: As my driver helped me load my bags up in the car, I could not help but think that I am one crazy son of a bitch. “So this is it, I am here. I have totally lost my god damn mind. I am getting into some strange car, in a strange country, with a strange man that I barely know and we’re off to who knows where. If this is the end, so be it; I’m a man”  I said to myself.


To be continued…

Coming next: Part 3: “Hostel”


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