The 50’th Law- 50 Cent and Robert Greene


Being that this is the sequel to The 48 laws of Power, and uses 50 Cent’s life story as a backdrop on the premise of fear; I was very excited to crack this book open. The 50’th Law is written in a very similar style to Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power, where historic and current examples are used to present the relevance of his theories. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I slowly soaked up wisdom and imparted a good portion of the theories into my life. Here is a list of the top 12 points this book covers:

(-) Theory

(*) Commentary

– You are only free when others are unable to disappoint you.

* Obtain, maintain, and grow more options and opportunities for yourself.

– Don’t try to please others.

* Development of the “fuck em” attitude

– Expose yourself to everything you fear.

* The exhilaration obtained from practicing this theory is addictive.

– If you depend on others for too long, you lose the ability to take care of yourself.

* Independence is a virtue.

– Talent and good intentions are never enough.

* They really aren’t; be fearless and strategic.

– Embrace death.

* Allow death to be a driving force in your life; motivation.

– Soft environments make you soft.

* Consistently push yourself out of your comfort zone.

– Constantly adopt to your circumstances.

* Fluidity; be prepared to adjust to the constant flow of life, like water.

– Resist the temptation to want to depend on others.

* Scrap the idea of belonging to a group etc. You were born alone, and will die alone.

– There is no such thing as the “perfect opportunity” to strike.

* Every opportunity is the perfect opportunity to strike; aggression.

– You should be even more vigilant when things are going well.

* If you’re not working harder than you previously were, you’re likely not going anywhere.

– Always be ready and willing to walk away.

* Self explanatory; Although, this readiness and willingness is portrayed in your behavior (the most powerful tool in your toolbox).

If you envision a lifestyle of only having to answer to yourself, than I congratulate you! Re-read the above list; you’ve located the blue print for independence.

This book gave me a new found respect for 50 cent. I have irreplaceable memories as a teenager, standing in front of the bathroom mirror shirtless and imitating gun shots with my fingers while blaring his Get Rich or Die Trying album. Nonetheless I’ve always assumed 50 cent to be a one dimensional silly rapper, but to my surprise he’s one of the sharpest men that has come from the hood. He is a classic American success story, and makes Drake look like a member of the curling team.

50 cent’s rough back story had me buzzing every time I picked this book up, it made me want to make shit happen. In retrospect, The 50’th Law is very motivational and highly recommended.

Memorable quotes:

“Most people can’t handle boredom. That means they can’t stay on one thing until they get good at it. And they wonder why they’re unhappy.” – 50 Cent

“Your sense of who you are will determine your actions and what you end up getting in life. If you see your reach as limited, that you are mostly helpless in the face of so many difficulties, that it is best to keep your ambitions low, then you will receive the little that you expect. Knowing this dynamic, you must train yourself for the opposite- ask for more, aim high, and believe that you are destined for something great. Your sense of self worth comes from you alone- never the opinion of others. With a rising confidence in your abilities, you will take risks that will increase your chances of success. People follow those who know where they are going, so cultivate an air of certainty and boldness.” – Robert Greene

“The hustler’s every waking hour is lived with both the practical and the subconscious knowledge that if he ever relaxes, if he ever slows down, the other hungry, restless foxes, ferrets, wolves, and vultures out there with him wont hesitate to make him their prey.” – Malcolm X

Purchase Recommendation:

Amazon: $16.92 + shipping (hardcover)

* Indigo: $16.92 (hardcover)

Kindle App: $13.99


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